West Side United Soccer Club

West Side United’s Soccer Preschool

West Side UnitedWest Side United Soccer Club’s unique Soccer Preschool program is designed to increase a new player’s comfort level with a soccer ball, introduce proper basics of ball control, and stimulate a love of soccer within the first-year player.  It is free to all 3 year old and first-time 4 year old players who are registered players in West Side United Soccer.

Without the presence of older, returning players who are likely to be more advanced both physically and emotionally, West Side’s Soccer Preschool program has children use their soccer balls to play fun, imaginative games that promote personal growth rather than focusing on team competition.

West Side’s Preschool is directed by an experienced coach who has spent years studying the techniques used by professionals that coach young players. This is not a baby-sitting service!  Parents are often incorporated in to the activities with their child too.  The West Side Soccer Club Preschool generally meets for one hour each week during the fall soccer season.  This is in addition to the weekly team practice and games these players also participate in.